Saturday, March 14, 2015

Performance Report
Anything Goes
Saturday, March 14, 2015

Director: Scott Shipman     Musical Director: Michelle Hache   Choreographer: Judy Thompson-Price
Assistant Director: Kyle Kirchhoff     Stage Manager: Meredith Connely

** If you will be late to a performance, please call or text Meredith.  She worries about you. **

Call time: Crew -- 6:00pm; Cast -- 6:30pm                                                      
Location: Main Stage                  
Cast Present: Abby, Marc, Samantha, Nikki, Sheree, Tyler, Brian, Jim F., Jay, Neal, Rob, Sarah Anne, Tim K., MKK, Justin, Jim L., Sarah, Craig, Sam M., Karen, Laurel, Tim S., Arden, Katya, Sam W.
Not Present
Crew Present: Taylor, Cosette, Telisa, Amarys, Kristie, Austin, Brittany, Callie, Jason, Logan
House Count: 287
Start Time: 7:35pm  End Time:  9:59pm   
Act I: 1:14:11      Intermission: 22:47       Act II: 46:30            
  • Thanks to Judy for lending her expert eye and helping the cast with the spacing in the kick line portion of Anything Goes!
  • We will start mic checks followed by vocal warmups on Sunday at 1:15pm.
  • Reminder that Tim Keating will be out tomorrow, Sunday, March 15, 2015.
  • If you'd like to use the Palace's wifi, please use "Palace Guest".
  • Want to see the rehearsal schedule and all of the rehearsal reports in one place?  Check out this blog!
  • Click on this Box link for all kinds of great information!
  • We will start mic checks followed by vocal warmups on Sunday, March 15, 2015, at 1:15pm.  Cast call is still at 1:00pm.
  • Please make sure you are waiting for the blackouts at the end of the acts to move.  I know that you need to make quick, quick exits, but you are getting caught moving before the blackout has completed.
  • PLEASE make sure you are doing your part to keep spaces clean by following the trash schedule.  Not every trash can is being emptied every night.  (Apologies, Arden; I scheduled you for two places on the same night!)
  • On a similar note, PLEASE clean up/tidy up your area of the dressing room before leaving for the evening.  When locking up for the night, I find costume pieces strewn about, used tissues left on the ground/counter, pieces of mic tape stuck to walls and mirrors, etc., etc.  And please push in your chair.  It's like an obstacle course in there.  ;)
  • Don't forget to sign in!    
  • Don't forget to take out what you bring in!  Throw away trash, put away props, etc., as you leave!
  • We will start mic checks followed by vocal warmups on Sunday, March 15, 2015, at 1:15pm.
  • Thanks for standing ready to play for us before the show!
  • Thanks for the crack, Telisa!  The crew snacked well this evening!
  • Set load will need to be done by 1:15pm on Sunday, March 15, 2015, as that is when we will be having mic check and vocal warm ups.
  • Samantha B. would like to have the jail drop lowered before you load in so that she can quickly check out the latch on the door so she'll know how to open it for the show.
  • Jay and Tim S. are going to practice opening the stage right stateroom before load in.
  • Don't forget to sign in!  
  • When to be here:  Fridays & Saturdays -- 6:00pm
  •                               Sundays -- 12:30pm

Click here to view the performance schedule online!

If you have a conflict, please email or text Meredith and let her know.  

Fridays & Saturdays -- 6:00pm: Crew call
                                    6:30pm: Cast call
                                    6:35pm: Mic check followed by vocal warmups; set load in following 
                                    7:00pm: House opens
                                    7:30pm: Start of show

Sundays -- 12:30pm: Crew call
                  1:00pm: Cast call and set load in
                  1:15pm: Mic check followed by vocal warmups
                  1:30pm: House opens
                  2:00pm: Start of show

  • RON: The gold bar came off of the stage right stateroom.  Taylor and Kristie reattached it to the wall during intermission, but it won't support any pulling.
  • RON: Brittany reports that the house left spotlight seems dim.
  • RON: Cosette fixed the tape seams on the upper level and then 
  • RON: Part of the stair facade on stairs 7 & 8 (from the floor) on stage left is broken.  We tore off the broken pieces and painted over it but would appreciate it if you could give it a look and possibly replace the affected portions.
  • TAMAR: We will need a new can of shaving cream for next weekend.
  • Sam M. was kicked in the face by Katya but is okay.

Meredith Connely
Stage Manager

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