Sunday, March 22, 2015

Performance Report
Anything Goes
Sunday, March 22, 2015

Director: Scott Shipman     Musical Director: Michelle Hache   Choreographer: Judy Thompson-Price
Assistant Director: Kyle Kirchhoff     Stage Manager: Meredith Connely

** If you will be late to a rehearsal, please call or text Meredith.  She worries about you. **

Call time: Crew -- 12:30pm; Cast -- 1:00pm                                                      
Location: Main Stage                  
Cast Present: Marc, Samantha, Nikki, Sheree, Tyler, Brian, Jim F., Jay, Neal, Rob, Sarah Anne, Tim K., MKK, Justin, Jim L., Sarah, Craig, Sam M., Karen, Laurel, Tim S., Arden, Katya, Sam W., Abby, Tim K.
Not Present
Crew Present: Taylor, Cosette, Telisa, Amarys, Luci, Kristie, Elise, Austin, Brittany, Callie
Last Night's House Count: 294     House Count: 289  
Start Time: 2:04pm      End Time:  4:27pm   
Act I: 1:13:15        Intermission: 20ish minutes       Act II: 46:57           
  • Have a restful week, and we'll see you all on Friday for closing weekend!
  • Click on this Box link for all kinds of great information!
  • If you'd like to use the Palace's wifi, please use "Palace Guest".
  • Want to see the rehearsal/performance schedule and all of the rehearsal/performance reports in one place?  Check out this blog!
  • Don't forget to take out what you bring in!  Throw away trash, put away props, etc., as you leave!
  • Friday trash is: Tim S. (Men's Dressing), Samantha (Women's Dressing), Brian (Men's Bathroom), Sheree (Women's Bathroom), and Sarah M. (Green Room).
  • Please check the trash schedule!  Is it your turn to help out?
  • Did you sign in today?
  • The cast reports that today's tempo for "Anything Goes" was spot on!
  • Have a great week and see you Friday for closing weekend! 
  • Have a good week; see you Friday at 6:00pm!
  • Don't forget to sign in!  
  • When to be here:  Friday & Saturday -- 6:00pm
  •                            Sunday -- 12:30pm

The performance schedule is also posted next to the sign in sheet.

Friday & Saturday -- 6:00pm: Crew call
                                    6:30pm: Cast call
                                    6:35pm: Mic check followed by vocal warmups; set load in following 
                                    7:00pm: House opens
                                    7:30pm: Start of show

Sunday -- 12:30pm: Crew call
                  1:00pm: Cast call and set load in
                  1:15pm: Mic check followed by vocal warmups
                  1:30pm: House opens
                  2:00pm: Start of show

  • TAMAR: MKK's peacock blue pants have a rip in the zipper side.
  • RON: Brittany put the ladder up to the catwalk to see about a light but won't be able to take it down by herself, so don't be surprised if it's still there on Monday.

Meredith Connely
Stage Manager

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