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Fwd: AG Production Mtg: 12/02/2014


Production Meeting Agenda & Notes

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at 6:15pm -- Green Room

Meeting started at 6:10pm and ended at 7:45pm.

Present: Scott, Meredith, Ron, Tamar, Mary Ellen, Sam, Barb, Judy, Michele

The link to the Anything Goes folder on Box is: 

* Please email Meredith ( if you are unable to access the included link.


~ Everyone introduced him or herself.

~ Scott distributed notes for various team members and uploaded those notes to Box.  (See link above.)

~ We are using the Beaumont version of the script.  It's the Patti LuPone soundtrack version.

~ PDF's of the script and score can be found in the Box folder.  (See link above.)

~ Rehearsal pianist Austin Kimball is uploading MP3's of music from the show into the Box folder.  (See link above).


~ Audition will be on the main stage.  Times will be:

    Sunday, December 14, 2014 -- 6:30pm

    Monday, December 15, 2014 -- 6:30pm

    Wednesday, December 17, 2014 -- Callbacks -- 6:30pm (?? I wasn't sure if time was discussed…)

~ Meredith will set up tables in the house for production team members who will be attending auditions.

~ Initial auditions will consist of singing with the piano and some choreography.

~ Callbacks will consist of a tap combo and a musical theatre combo.  Scott suggests that Judy meet with him and Kyle before callbacks to teach them the combos so that they can then split up the auditioners into groups to teach the choreography before coming back together to perform the learned routine.

~ Jessie will print out a cheat sheet for auditions, and Meredith will make copies for each of the production team members attending auditions.


~ Rehearsals will start Monday, January 12, 2015.  The first rehearsal will consist of Scott addressing the cast, a walkthrough, a possible read thru and tap lesson with Judy.

~ After casting, Scott will have the first two weeks of rehearsal ready to be posted.

~ The first one or two weeks will consist of music rehearsals with the following two weeks of choreography rehearsals.  Scene work will begin after that.

~ Ron requests that the Monday, January 16, 2015, (the day after the JCS strike) be a night off for AG rehearsals so that the builders have time to move in set pieces and work on the main stage.

~ The band will be available for 12 rehearsals.


~ Jessie will print out scripts and scores and can have those ready and available for cast pickup shortly after the show is cast.

~ Meredith will email Jessie and ask her to send Scott an example of the cheat sheets that are used in auditions.  DONE

~ Scott should email Jessie with the list of people he'd like to callback so that she can post it.  He will do the same with who he'd like to cast.  (Reminder that you wanted to let Jessie know that you would like the wording of the offers to convey the expectation that the intermittent time between casting and the 1st rehearsal should be spent preparing.)

~ Ron requested that the callback announcement state that some auditionees sent in tapes or attending alternative auditions.

~ Scott will upload the notes that he distributed onto Box.  DONE

~ Scott got the A Ok from Mary Ellen about making two small changes to the script.


~ Meredith will set up tables in the house for auditions.

~ Scott would like to make sure auditions stay on time.

~ Ron will provide a ground plan for taping out the rehearsal space.  He anticipates that by that point, there will be several pieces already built and in the space.

~ Bios and headshots will be due by January 30, 2015.

~ The crew will not be onstage, so their main jobs will be to preset/strike sets, props, and costuming pieces that the cast needs to move or strike.

~ If you have anyone who contacts you wanting to serve on the crew, please have them email Meredith (

~ After the cast is announced and roles are accepted, email everyone with links to the online MP3's (in Box) so that they can become familiar with the music.



~ Michelle will be teaching on Mondays and will be unavailable for music rehearsals.

~ Michelle suggested that the cast be off book or familiar with the music by the time choreography rehearsals start.

~ Michelle offered her services as a dialect coach.  Scott says that Lord Evenlyn Oakleigh and Reno are the characters he is most concerned with having a distinctive accent.

~ The band will consist of six musicians and be located in the PEPC during the run of the show.

~ Scott is wondering about finding some people who can double on some instruments.  

~ There was a lot of discussion regarding the timing, location, and duration of the sitzprobe as well as when to have band rehearsals.  The consensus was that Lannie's input would be valuable in making any decisions.


~ Judy needs to stop by the Palace at her convenience and fill out a W9.

~ Judy has occasional conflicts on Wednesdays.

~ Scott wants to incorporate choreography into the curtain call and would like that choreography to start early on.

~ See audition and rehearsal notes above for more choreography notes.

SETS (Ron):

~ Scott would like a mockup of the set by the first rehearsal so that he can share it with the cast.

~ Check with Jessie regarding alternative audition times and let Scott know.

~ Email Meredith with the blog email address.

~ Scott would like two doors in the back instead of hallway.

~ Please send Scott and Meredith a link to the conflict calendar.  DONE

~ Ron is waiting until after Superstar opens to get into the AG set.  Scott is comfortable with where they left their previous discussion of the set.

~ Ron expressed some concerns about the spiral staircases, but said that it can be done.

~ Ron asked about the rain curtain.  Scott said he needs to know the dimensions of the set before making that call.

~ Scott would like a full proscenium with portholes going all the way across (Sam concurred.).  Ron cautioned about the weight and says that using lightweight materials will work best.  Scott confirmed that the portholes are not an actual part of the ship.


~ Scott shared some pictures for Barb in the Box folder.  (See the link at the top of the notes.)

~ The flooring for the stage and 2nd level should be painted to look like decking.

~ There will be no wheelhouse.

~ Barb is going to do a sketch of the stacks and get it to Ron.

PROPS (Tamar):

~ Scott gave Tamar a prop list.  The list can be found in the Anything Goes folder on Box.  (See link above.)


~ Scott would like to set up a time to go to Zilker with Mary Ellen and Tamar to pull costumes.

~ Tamar would like to nail down a costume plot and then meet with Scott after casting to discuss specifics.

~ Scott is good with keeping with what's in the script as far as costumes go.

~ Angels should be in similar garb.  Mary Ellen said that the Palace has that if Zilker doesn't.


~ Sam said he can get a star curtain but it won't fill the whole back wall but will probably be fine.  It would provide great stars but will be black the rest of the time.  He also proposed building a painted hard drop for the sky and building in twinkling lights, which will need to be bought.

SOUND (Sam):

~ Sam would like to separate body mic days and band days.  Scott suggested that maybe the band could rehearse on body mic day (Thursday).  Ron said that if the band didn't rehearse on that Thursday, they could come in twice on Sunday.  Scott felt that we will know more the closer we get to that date.  

~ Sam pointed out that the Palace has 22 body mics.  Going over means sharing.

~ Gun shots will be a sound effect and not live on stage.

~ The band will be in the PEPC for the run of the show.


~ Ron said that Rich does the curtain warmer projections, but Scott said that the curtain would not be down preshow.

Our next production meeting will be in January,

 to which Meredith will send out a Google calendar invite.  

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